Sharing the love of Jesus and improving the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals

A New Beginning Ministry


Hello, we are "A New Beginning Ministry", thank you for coming to our website.


The mission of A New Beginning Ministry is to share the love of Jesus, assist formerly incarcerated individuals with reintegration back into the local community, society, families, and to achieve a better quality of life.


During 2012, the Alabama Department of Correction released 11,851 inmates. Based on inmates released during 2009 (monitoring a three-year period of 2009, 2010, 2011), 32.6% (3,897) returned to prison.

A Note From The President

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to A New Beginning Ministry website. I am glad you found us. The Ministry is a newly formed charitable nonprofit corporation, organized to assist formerly incarcerated individuals to reintegrate back into society.

Many formerly incarcerated individuals return to prison because they do not have the love and support they need once they are released. A New Beginning Ministry's mission is to share the love of Jesus to these individuals by loving them and assisting them with some of the necessities that they need to start "A New Beginning."

The Ministry is looking forward to seeing how Jesus will use us to make a difference in the many lives He will send our way.

As the Ministry grows, look to see growth in our website.

Tommie Barker, President