Who Is "A New Beginning Ministry"

A New Beginning Ministry was incorporated in 2010 as a nonprofit charitable corporation. It is overseen by a Board of Directors.

The Ministry's target audience is formerly incarcerated individuals. The Ministry will assist these individuals with finding employment, housing, clothing, food, or other needs required to reintegrate back into society after being incarcerated.

The Ministry is looking forward to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to guide us on this journey because to Him every soul matters.

The Problem

Once an individual is up for parole, he/she must have a home and an employment plan. The Ministry's desire is to assist with this requirement. Many formerly incarcerated individuals return to prison because they do not have the love and support needed to bridge these barriers upon release.

How We Are Helping

Thus far, the Ministry has assisted formerly incarcerated individuals with securing transportation to work, and meeting basic living and work-related needs – the basics required to start “a new beginning." The ministry has also provided monetary assistance to other entities with the same mission and has provided emotional and spiritual support and encouragement through our card ministry.

Future Goals

A New Beginning Ministry has begun raising funds to purchase a housing facility and wants to partner with individuals, businesses and organizations that are willing to hire and provide training opportunities to the formerly incarcerated. The Ministry will continue fundraising events in support of accomplishing and sustaining our mission.